The factory

Spalline del Garda was founded in 1989 on the initiative of its owner and manager, Fabio Leali, which he has acquired a twenty-year experience in Italy in the production of shoulder pads and padding for clothes. The company has grown and developed as an outside contractor doing both, but specializing in clothing and acquiring more customers of worldwide importance.

Since 2000 with the creation of "Fashion Line" the company has distinguished itself from the commercially available products, aiming to produce high quality cotton straps Thermoformed hot and without seams, which unlike traditional basted shoulders, just to effect of the seam, they tend to stay in shape with little shoulder. The product of Spalline del Garda are wrapped in transparent dust bag with attached label stating: item, quantity, composition, place of production, and washing instructions. The non-woven fabrics of polyester used in the production cycles are Made in Italy 100% first quality.

The company has an advanced laboratory for research and development can provide any form model ad hoc on demand, and to bring the latest trends and innovations in the market. In the manufacturing sector straps, elasticity and softness of our products, combined with the use of modern and sophisticated equipment allows a constant quality is increasingly appreciated and tested by customers.

Spalline del Garda, as regards the management of processing waste, has joined although not required, the system Sistri or the new computerized system for monitoring and tracking of waste under the Ministerial Decree 17 December 2009 and published in the Official Journal of 13 January 2010 .